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01 UENO - explore a bit more

例) Cherry blossom, shopping street, museums; Ueno has much more to offer! Especially, this beautiful shrine is my favorite :D

02 AKIHABARA - the anime town

例) Japan's anime culture is now one of the major cultures in country. Let me take you to many shops in this town.

03 SHOPPING - full of anime

例) In this town, hundreds of anime shops are lining up on several streets. Let's go to some shops and see anime goods!

04 MAIDCAFE - enjoy japan

例) Maid cafe is a place for anyone to enjoy one of Japanese cultures. So take it easy :D Let's have lunch or coffee!

Trip Information

Duration: 6.0h ~ 7.0h

Estimated price / person: JPY 1,500 (public transport fee and others)

*Not including meal fee


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